Karina GoldrajchA seasoned and multi-lingual International Public Relations and International Communications professional, Karina Goldrajch-Schrecker started her career in TV at the tender age of 10 years old.

Throughout the years, Ms. Goldrajch-Schrecker worked and was hired as a contractor for some of the largest companies worldwide including Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, Comverse Technologies and Petrobras, Brazil’s largest company and its Oil and Gas giant.

Her professional experience spans from International Public Relations to International Media Relations, Corporate Events Management, Public Speaking (in Portuguese, Hebrew and English), Social Media Strategist, Localization Management and acting CMO.

From 2012 to 2013, she was hired as a contractor by YouTube (Google) and literally watched over 40,000 videos during this time.

Besides being responsible for the YouTube Brazilian and Israeli markets, in addition to sharing the US and Canadian markets with the YouTube Monetization team, her additional projects included being the Education and Localization team’s POC (Point of Contact) besides being the back up member to all Spanish, French and Italian speaking YouTube communities. Ms. Goldrajch-Schrecker also wrote the team’s workflow guide, which was considered the most important Monetization team’s internal document.

By summing up all of her experience in International PR, her academic and professional background in Film & TV (Tel Aviv University), including working in Brazilian soap operas for Rede Globo de Televisao and Editora Machete in addition to her expertise with online videos and monetization, Ms. Goldrajch-Schrecker now works as a consultant and a public speaker, and she offers roundtables and workshops at Tech Liminal, helping those who are interested in mastering Social Media and using YouTube to publicize themselves, their work and hobbies and their businesses.

Ms. Goldrajch-Schrecker passions are to teach, share knowledge and help people. In her spare time, she cooks Brazilian food, writes and plays the piano and guitar.

For additional details on Ms. Goldrajch-Schrecker’s  professional background and recommendations, please visit her profile on LinkedIn: .


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