The i4D Public Relations Concept

The i-4D approach is a comprehensive Public Relations method developed by International Public Relations veteran Karina Goldrajch, aimed at reaching a broader audience and boost ROI.


The 4 Ds stand for:

Desktop Point of View: Having the hands-on experience of in house Public Relations and creating a strategy and the tactics that suits each client, using the appropriate PR tools.

Demographics: After segmenting the demographics, devising  the appropriate strategy to reach the client’s international and domestic Demographics.

Diversity: It’s paramount to understand the diversity in each demographic group, therefore by creating new strategies and tactics, such as personalizes story angles, we can better penetrate a diverse target audience. After all, every consumer wants to feel unique and personalization makes it possible to reach a broader consumer base.

Delivery: Although a PR agency may have a killer PR plan,  it must focus on delivering results. What makes a successful campaign is bringing in results, which can be brand recognition, sales and social buzz amongst others.